Kayla’s Night Out

Kayla won 2 tickets to see her favourite female pop singer next Saturday evening.  She was so lucky! She got to be the 9th caller to the radio station and knew the right answer to the birthplace of the pop star. Now the concert is coming up soon and she is more and more excited about it.

But she has a problem, she has to decide which of her two “best friends for life” (BFF) she will take to the concert. On the one hand there is Tassia. She attended daycare with Tassia back in the day. Tassia was the one friend who supported her when she became pregnant.   On the other hand there is Mary.  She met Mary when they were both at a residence for young moms about two years ago. When she learned she was pregnant Kayla was too frightened to tell her parents so she went to a home for young pregnant women.  Ever since Kayla and Mary met they have been BFF.

Who should Kayla bring to the concert?

If Kayla chooses Tassia to bring to the concert GO TO CHOICE #2 >>

If Kayla chooses Mary to bring to the concert GO TO CHOICE #3 >>

Note: Remember who you have chosen for Kayla  to go to the concert with!