Kayla’s Night Out – Choice 4

Kayla musters up enough courage to ask her mother to look after the baby.   While her mother has plans for the evening, she has decided to spend time with her grandson instead. Kayla is thankful to her mother, now she has a babysitter for the evening and can go to the concert.

Now Kayla must figure out what to wear.  She has two outfits in her closet that she could wear. The first outfit is a pair of jeans with a funky T-shirt and running shoes, the second, a white halter dress with white sandals. As she is trying to decide, Kayla remembers all the fun times she had with both outfits and realizes that many of her friends have seen her in both outfits on several occasions. So she starts thinking that maybe she should buy a new outfit at the local outlet mall.  They always have up-to-date fashions at affordable prices. Since becoming a mom and living on her own Kayla has learned to be very strict about her money, but the idea of a new outfit for a special occasion is appealing!

What should Kayla do about her outfit?

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