Kayla’s Night Out – Choice 2

Kayla has chosen Tassia to bring to the concert. They have known each other for such a long time that it felt right. Besides Tassia would have never forgiven her best friend for choosing someone else.

Now Kayla must plan for the evening.  She will need to find a babysitter.  This shouldn’t be too hard since the concert is on a weekend and she knows a lot of people who are normally home on Saturday nights.  Kayla goes through her list of friends who she thinks may be available and makes nine calls in total. Unfortunately, no one is available.  She is reluctant to ask Mary because she would have to let Mary know about the concert. She is also unsure if she should ask her mother because Kayla wants to show her family that she is independent enough to make it on her own.  But she needs to ask someone soon, otherwise she is going to miss the opportunity to go to the concert.

Who should Kayla ask to baby sit?

If Kayla asks her mom to baby sit GO TO CHOICE #4 >>

If Kayla asks Mary to baby sit GO TO CHOICE #5 >>